Sunday, 13 November 2011

Time for a catch-up!!

Well its now November, where has the year gone?!! What have I been up to since my last blog (in May I think!!).  Well where to begin ...  The summer has been and gone, and has seen a lot of activity in the family garden.  As well as all the pots that we have in the garden full of lots of lovely plants and flowers, my eldest daughter and her husband came to stay and installed 3 raised beds in the garden, so that I am now able to grow lots more!!  A big thank you, especially to Martin who did all the hard labour!  So after this we have been able to grow our own lettuce, radishes, broccoli and hopefully some carrots, and there is also parsley, mint and pride of place rhubarb maybe for next year!  I have also had two crops of potatoes which I have grown in buckets.

I have also been knitting quite a bit, and have finished several projects for family and friends, and also for my friend who is involved in the Maternity unit in Africa.


       A Cardi for my friend who is raising money for the unit in Africa


Pots in the garden in the summer

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