Thursday, 5 May 2011

Not quite a Wooly Mammoth!!!

Well I finally managed to work out how to upload a piece of my work!!

As Claire (this was all her idea) has already said, I have been knitting for a very long time, and a while ago I came across some lovely patterns for animals so I decided to have a go and here is Ele, my little grey elephant!

I come from a long line of ladies who have always had either knitting or sewing on the go, so I guess it was only right that I took over.  I can fondly remember my Mum trying to teach me how to knit, which was a hard task for her as I was not a happy pupil and used to throw my needles and wool under the table and shout 'I can't do it'.  Well I guess I have moved on a little over the years, and as Claire so rightly said I properly started knitting for her and her older sister when they were little as money was tight and it was much cheaper then to make your own jumpers and cardigans.  I would make up patterns and use lots of different coloured wools together just to make the wool go further.  Over the years I have made a lot of things - even the family nativity scene which is displayed fondly each year at Christmas. (I was not however tempted to knit the Royal Wedding, including The Queen, Bride and Groom etc., although I think maybe Claire wouldn't have minded). 

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  1. YOU ARE MY IDOL!!!! (Get the knitted nativity scene up!! hehe) xxx